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20 weird facts about North Korea

1. North Korea was founded by Kim II-Sung, in 1948.
firstly It was founded on Oct 3, 1948. The official name of the country is DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). Also the present Leader of North Korea is Kim Jung-Un.

Kim Jong-Un : weird facts about North Korea

2. It has only 4 TV channels.
With everything under control, it is quite obvious that the North Korean regime has its media on a leash. There are only 4 TV channels to choose from, with all programs controlled by the government of North Korea.

3. Elections with a single candidate to choose from.
With the country’s totalitarian regime and the same family in power since 1948, it’s quite funny that elections take place every year. The voters have only one option to choose their leader. Whether it is the election of a mayor, provincial governors or local assemblies, there is only one candidate on the ballot in each constituency.

Kim Jong-Un : 20 weird facts about North Korea

4. The North Korean calendar is based on the date of birth of its founder.
It may be the 21st century for the rest of the world, but for North Koreans it is still the 106th year of Juche. The North Korean Juche calendar begins from April 15, 1912, the date of birth of its founder Kim II-Sung.

5. Parents have to provide desks & chairs for their children for school.

Parents sending their children to school are required to provide their own desks and chairs. Some students are also forced to perform laborious tasks for the government, such as collecting discarded materials. Also with this they pay their school fees.

6. Electricity cuts every night.
You know how annoying occasional power cuts are. Now imagine the state of the North Koreans whose whole country goes dark at night. Apparently, it’s because of the energy crisis in the state that he can’t provide enough electricity to homes. It revealed after a photo of North Korea taken from space went viral.

7. Horrifying three-generation punishment rule.
Hence, the three generation punishment rule is a horrible reality of the country that does not bear criticism from its citizens. If a person commits a crime, his entire family, even though including grandparents, parents and children, are sent to prison.

8. Only 28 hairstyles for men.
Korean men have to choose their hairstyle from a list of 28 hairstyles. Any hairstyle other than government-approved hairstyles may result in arrest. While unmarried women have to keep their hair short, married women have many more options to explore.

9. North Koreans can browse only 28 websites.
North Korean citizens can only browse 28 websites on the Internet. It’s free for those who have access to a computer. Computers, however, are very expensive, and prior permission from the government is required to purchase one!

10. Some days should not be celebrated in North Korea.

On July 8, the death of North Korean President Kim II-sung in 1994, smiling is strictly prohibited. In fact Loud talking, celebrating birthday, dancing or drinking alcohol on this day is restricted. Also failure to follow the rules can result in people being sent to labor camps or death.

11.Blue jeans are banned in the North Korea.
North Korea sees blue jeans as a symbol of US imperialism and has therefore banned them in the country.

12. North Korea is the only country in the world ruled by a dead man.
North Korea has a very unique form of government. Necrocracy is a government that still follows the rules of a former leader.
This is because Kim II-sung has been declared the eternal leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). It only means that all the incumbent leaders of the country will only bear the title of supreme leader, but the eternal leader will always and forever be Kim II-Sung.

13. No Religious Freedom.
Likewise restrictions on all other aspects of life, there is no religious freedom in North Korea. The country defines itself as an atheistic state and persecutes anyone who practices a religion.

14. Human Waste uses as Fertilizer.
In 2008, when South Korea stopped sending fertilizer to North Korea, the country faced a severe shortage of fertilizers. So, like everything else, a new law was made and citizens were asked to collect their stool and hand it over to the authorities to help the country’s agriculture.

15. Making international calls is a criminal activity.

In 2007, a man was killed because he had made several international calls.

16. Disrespecting Kim’s family is considered as crime.
A mother was sent to prison in January for trying to save her children instead of portrait of former president Kim II-sung from fire.

17. Last ranking in freedom index.
According to the World Press Freedom Index 2022, North Korea ranks last in the freedom index. In 2021, it was second last rank, but in the past year, it managed to be on the bottom list. This means that the world believes that its citizens are always kept in the dark.

18. Tourists can only visit few places in North Korea.
If you plan to visit North Korea at any time, you must register for a guided tour. This is because there are only few cities and areas where tourists can visit. The country has a total of nine provinces, 28 cities and various special economic zones. But only 15 cities are open where foreigners and tourists can visit.

19. Listening Music is banned in north Korea
Listening to foreign music or watching foreign language movies are considered as criminal activities. In 2015, Kim Jong Un issued an executive order to eliminate all tapes and CDs containing songs banned by the state to contain dissent.

20. Military services is compulsory for all.

Military service is compulsory for men for 10 years as well as for women for 7 years.

Lastly thank your God that you weren’t born there

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